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Bill Medley Pre-Show Video


This video is shown at the very start of Bill Medley in concert.  DV Post was hired to re-edit this montage and add additional clips.  The material came from DVDs and even some old VHS tapes.  Bill's autograph at the end was done with a felt tip pen on plain paper right at DV Post's editing suite.  Bill, his wife and Tim Lee, his main piano player, were all in the edit suite rearranging the clips and approving each transition.  I must say that Bill Medley is really a great guy.  He is as warm and gracious and humble as they come.  DV Post also authored the DVD used in Bill's show which included 3 other video pieces.  This was the third time I've worked with Bill.  Before this I video taped him giving an acceptance speech that was played at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2006 and at another time I shot him doing a testimonial for a charitable organization.


This file is 25 MB.  Time: 7:53.


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