ExecuProv HTVL


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1. Background Check   

2. Beat The Clock  

3. Breath Of A Salesman

4. By Me 

5. Chaotic Divorce

6. Correct Me If I'm Wrong

7. Denigrate To Motivate

8. Dishing With Obama 

9. Double Speak 

10. Dr. Lookgood

11. Getting Cornered 

12. Give The Customer The Courtesy

13. Giving The Customer A Mouthful 

14. Initial Reaction

15. Ironing Out The Difference

16. KTOX

17. Lift With Your Legs, Back Straight

18. May I Say Something...?

19. Meeting Called To Order

20. Miss Congeniality 

21. Mr. Arrogance

22. Mr. Hesitation

23. Mr. Ready 

24. Pizza Pallor

25. PowerPoint Putz

26. Printing Presses

27. Samurai Court Reporter

28. Samurai Mediator

29. Slip Up

30. Sob Story

31. The Marble Game

32. Trying My Patience

33. Type Cast

34. Zonkzoogie Boogie


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