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This is the first 3.5 minutes of an extreme low budget feature film.  This clip utilizes nearly everything in our HDV package which includes a Sony HVR-V1U HDV with a super wide angle lens attachment, an on-camera Sony light, Cobra Crane, Steady Tracker, ProMax Dolly and Sony shotgun mic on a fish pole.  We also have two Lowell Light kits.  This was shot at 1080i at 24P intended for transfer to 35mm film.  This is a 40 MB QuickTime H.264 file, which doesn't look too bad, but this is really looks beautiful when viewed in HD.


You can also see this clip on You Tube in HD.  There are 4 different formats you can choose from including the full 1080i.



The Sony HVR-V1U


Shoots in 1080i HDV at 29.97 and 24P modes as well as Standard DV and DVCAM 4:3 and 16:9.

XLR audio inputs.

Has true slow motion and many other features.