John's Personal Photos

It only takes a few photos to show you everything that is important to me.

This is my entire family.  Both my parents and I are only children. 



My two sons, Alan & Steven, with me and my parents,

Lolita & Harold.  Oceanside, CA.  December 2005


On the right, the same group plus the boy's ladies,

Becky on the left with Alan and Jill on the right with Steven.

This was taken in Oceanside, CA in December 2008.

Alan and Becky were married in June 2009.  Steven and

Jill were married in October 2009.




At Steven's graduation from Chapman University,

Orange, CA.  May 2003


NOTE:  This is when I weighed over 260 pounds. 

You will see the new me at the bottom of this page.


                This is the latest Primm, Penelope - born to Alan & Becky - September, 2009


With Alan at a hurling game in Milwaukee - August 2003



Left to right -

At DV Post - 260 lbs. - Spring 2003

At DV Post - 210 lbs. - August 2006

On board a cruise ship - 190 lbs. - February 2007


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