Songs About Everything from 1964 to 1974

Written and Sung by John Primm

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Blue Eyes - How Rotten it Feels When She Doesn't Care   2:06

Hello Taxpayers   2:35

Jesus Came-A-Lovin   3:28

That's All There Is   4:33

Look at All Them Hurtin' Girls   2:35

To Really Question Why   4:34

The Establishment   1:56

You   2:26

Outside   2:54

Our Deepest Sympathy - A Letter From the Government   2:41

Little Black Things - for Steve Allen fans   2:21

Throw This Thought Away   2:38

Joy & Jubilation   2:48

The World Was A Snowy Night   3:03

The Emptiness of Love   3:20

Smee-Cals-Flix - Words by John Kassner   1:32

There's Something   1:02

Have You Ever Thought?   2:59

Lonely   2:49

Jonathan Livingston Seagull - The Whole Book in Seven Minutes   6:54

Ode to Mixed Religion Couples   2:45


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