Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm




Ah, them memories this song this song brings back to me.  I had just moved to Hollywood

to work in the industrial film business.  The company I worked for gave me a one-way plane

ticket from Chicago to LA, and all I had was a small suitcase and my Guild D-40 guitar.

I was making $100 a week and I was on top of the world!  Just a little lonely.........



In my room of four white walls

Beyond the stairs, beyond the halls

I run looking for my meaning

But then I'm leaning on my dreaming

I'm really lonely.


I walk down the stairs and up the street

Hopin' and a prayin' that I will meet someone

Who will share my life.

Am I right, need I a wife?

I'm so lonely.


I run though the city up and down

Through the park and all around

Wishin' that I'd find someone

Who will then become

The simply just great one

To cure my lonely.


How do I find out where to go?

When I meet her how do I know it's her?

And what do I say?

What can I pay to make that day

Cure my lonely?


I sing and before too long

All at once I see what's wrong with me - I've seen what's mine

All I have is time

And the time that's mine

has been spent being lonely.