Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm


Ode to Mixed Religion Couples


This is my favorite song.  This is the sound of me being angry with myself,

but in a humorous way. This song is the acknowledgement that I was wrong

about same religious tradition thinking. I still feel very strongly about all of God's

children getting along.  We all should get along and be very tolerant of each

other's beliefs!  Catholics, Christians, Jews, Muslims or whatever are all God's

children and I don't He wants us to be fighting one another.



Well let me tell 'bout the story of a girl I knew a long, long time ago.

She had blonde hair, blue eyes, nice smile, white teeth and a very pretty nose.

But then I blew my chances with her when I gave this gal an engagement ring

And I asked her please dear promise me just once this one small little bitty thing.


For you see we had a little problem with out backgrounds from the very start

Which is now the cause of why I have a broken heart.

She was a strong Catholic in faith and was also very true

And I was just a heretic who thought he knew the right thing we should do.


So then I told her that she had to change - become a Martin Luther girl for me.

And that if she did not want to change for me we should then very plainly see

That the good Lord never meant for us to happily together be

And we'd be better off if we were of one faith to raise our family.


And then to me she wrote a letter one fine day that said that she would change.

So then I jumped for joy and made plans for my life now to rearrange.

But then when the engagement ring upon her finger prettily did sit

I found out she wouldn't change for me she'd always be a staunch good Catholic.


My life now seems more lonely lonesome than it ever was before

And I don't have all the good times with the other girls I date anymore.

So I learned one lesson very quickly from this sad but true tale of our times

And that's to hell with what was yours and to hell with what was mine.


For the stuff a person's made out of is only what he has been told in mind.

And until a person thinks and reasons for himself that person is blind.

And so I'll never ever make again this difference of our religion bit.

For that's the biggest blunder fool!  You silly, stupid, mean old hypocrite!