Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm


Our Deepest Sympathy -- A Letter From the Government


This song was actually part of a short musical play I wrote about the Viet Nam war.

It's almost the only stand alone song in the play.  Don't even know if I have

a recording or a script of that whole thing anymore.  The play was never produced.

It was your basic war story starting out with a happy young couple - the guy goes

off to Viet Nam  - somehow he befriends a guy named Hoshi, a Viet Cong enemy -

and both of them get killed somehow in a extra tragic way.  This song is near the

very end.  I think the girl friend had one final number about the unfairness of it all.



My dear parents I regret to say

That your son has gone away.

He died for others - he freely saved.

He had one life that he freely gave.


Don't think his life was just a waste

Or this war was formed in haste.

Your son's life has met its end

To preserve the rights of all free men.


He's gone, it's true, he'll not return

His body is all scarred and burned.

But you can be sure that when he died

He truly had God on his side.