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"The Marble"    40th anniversary edition DVD for $9.95 + shipping.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER


This is the first place winner of the 1965 Kodak Teenage Movie Contest, which had 167 entries.  This little 8mm film even beat the 2nd and 3rd place 16mm optical sound films!  This is the production that started Post's owner, John Primm, on his life-long career of producing films and videos.


The DVD Includes a short history video about the making of the film and explains how the new digital version was enhanced.  The DVD also includes production still photos and other items from John Primm's personal scrapbook.


There are 3 versions of "The Marble" on this DVD:


1. The digitally re-mastered 19-minute version in the 4:3 format with a new soundtrack, new title sequence, added special effects, and subtitles.

2. The same 19-minute version presented in the 16:9 format, where every scene was cropped for the wide screen.  (It really looks good this way.)

3. The original 22-minute version, just as it was seen in 1965 with the original soundtrack.

Watch the Preview - 2:20


The DVD is only $9.95.  Shipping is $3.00.  The DVD is only available via this web site, and will only be shipped to a United States address.  To order your copy, click here.


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Preview "The Marble" - 19 minutes

NOTE:  The quality of the on-line preview is very poor compared to the DVD.  While this DVD presents a very bright, clear image, and a completely re-mastered soundtrack, please keep in mind that is an amateur 8mm film with dirt, scratches and weave to the picture.  The original Kodachrome film was professionally transferred to video when it was about 20 years old.  That video was digitally enhanced using the various image and color correction filters in Final Cut Pro.  While the image quality is very good, please remember that it was originally shot in the small regular 8mm film format.