Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm


Smee-Cals-Flix - Words by John Kassner


This song is pure silliness.  John Kassner was a fellow filmmaker

who also had films in the Kodak Teenage Movie Contest.  He wrote me

about how much he loved my film "The Marble" and we became good pen pals.

He lives in Michigan, I believe.  Anyway, he was a very creative and funny guy.

He wrote this poem called "Smee-Cals Flix" and I decided to surprise him

one day with an audio cassette recording of it.  I don't even know what it

means, but it is fun to sing.



The Mack Roe Feen of shorty must

Will die unless he eats the rust

Of Mason's gook and sour crust

Without a word the table breaks

The hand of death it's son awakes

And then the cry of anguish now

Will fill our eyes with sawdust.


His hand upon the sawdust now

His finger in his naval - wow

He tears his skin, his brain he rips

Until Ferndation's sours crypt

Unless the eye of death meets hand

A war will come so very grand

Which makes his skin do of flesh.


Flesh plus the brown of doggie's tail

With condensation no avail

Without a fault of witness

You alone can gerk the flerk

The ferndock of Semorties erk

Perpetual tide in motion

Without notion

Without me.