Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm


There's Something


Here's a real short thing - another warm fuzzy.  This sounds terrible, but

I'm not sure who I wrote this for.  I think this was for my 2nd wife.  However,

it sounds more like how I would have spoken with my 1st wife.  Well, no harm.

They are both completely out of my life now.  I should have written these

notes in the 60s!  (I'm just now writing this in February 2009)



There's something that made the sky so blue

And the air so crisp and clear.

There's something that made the Earth's bright hues

Come to me oh so dear.


There's something that made the chirping birds

And causes them to sing.

There's something that without His words

There would not be a thing.


There's something that a man knows twice

Before his life is through

And that to thank and praise and see how nice

Is the Lord for making you.