Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm

Blue Eyes - or How Rotten it Feels When She Doesn't Care.

I heard a Monty Python bit once where they made fun of Shakespeare speak.

They used huge words to say the simplest things and it was very funny.

This song uses big words I never hear of  before that I got from a Thesaurus.

The girl in this song was someone I met while on a European vacation.

I basically lugged her excess baggage around for her and we had some

good times.  But she dumped me as soon as we were back home.

That trauma led me to write this song.



When you say you don't care, blue eyes

Do you really indicate I

Sort of turn you on when you

Articulate the antonym you wish to me elucidate

And therefore transubstantiate

My imperturbable essence

Which is supernumerary -  into tears?


Oh I love you girl, but obviously

My unambiguous charity may become obduracy

If you don't suddenly extricate

And profess what you asseverate

Because your parsimonious manner

Oppillates nefariously - my life!