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Hi.  I'm a single, 64 year old dating baby boomer.


Technically the boomers were born from 1946 to 1964.  I was actually born 4 months prior to January 1, 1946.  I don't know what that makes me, but I've considered myself a boomer all my life.  I was born 2 weeks after Japan was nuked and WWII was over.


I have been involved with corporate film and video production all of my life.  I grew up in the Chicago area, and went to college in Wisconsin, where I met my 2nd wife for the first time. (Long story)


After college, I moved to Hollywood.  I worked there for 5 years in the corporate film arena, and got to meet and work with a few stars such as John Forsythe, Bob Cummings, Lorne Greene, Michael Landon and Leif Erickson.  They mainly did voice overs for nonprofit films.  I tried to get into theatrical film production, but because of the stupid unions, and the lack of a uncle who was already a member of the union, and all that other Hollywood BS, I finally gave up on that idea.


I met a gal in 1970 who was only 19.  I was 25.  We were way too young and stupid, and should have been prevented from getting married.  But we did and then got divorced after just 5 years.  That divorce cost a total of $50.  In 1974, I moved to Orange County and began doing documentary films for the Lutheran Bible Translators.  I got to shoot films in West Africa and Papua New Guinea.


After my divorce I got reconnected with my 2nd wife.  (The same long story)  We got married, bought a house and had two wonderful kids.  The Lutheran Bible Translators then suddenly moved to Illinois in 1985, and in the same year I began working for a large aerospace company (Ford Aerospace) doing all of their video programs.  In the 12 years I spent there, it changed hands twice and the division was finally shut down by the new owner (Lockheed Martin) in 1997.  Since corporations large enough to have their own video production departments don't hire anyone over 50 if they can help it, in 1999 I began my own video production and editing business called DV Post. (   The 2nd wife dumped me after 25 years shortly after I started my business.  Guess I wasn't bringing in enough money to suit her needs.  I love what I do, but owners of industrial video businesses don't get rich.


Anyway, now after 40 years of making films and videos for my customers, I want to branch out and produce my own movie.  Since I've also been single for 7 years, I've been searching for love and happiness using the exciting world of Internet dating much of that time.  I really think there is a fascinating micro culture to be explored there.  The endless search for a "soul mate" (whatever the heck that means) and romance at my age is filled with highs and lows, sadness and humor.  Talk about men being from Mars and women being from Venus?  I think we are from a totally different galaxy all altogether!



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