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There are millions of single, divorced, or widowed baby boomers today who are entering a strange new world - dating in the 21st century.

For many, it is a time of difficult adjustments as they deal with a divorce or the death of their spouse that they knew for many years.  Their kids are off on their own, and their working lives are winding down towards retirement.   In this time of potentially bitter loneliness, many have turned to dating web sites to locate a new companion.

The computer has become a very fast way to connect with other souls in a similar situation.  The myriad of Internet dating services are a wonderful alternative to hanging out at bars.  Some sites are actually a good way to weed out the weirdoes and find the good ones.  It is still, however, essentially a do-it-yourself blind date.  And like any blind date, it is sometimes full of surprises.  One surprise I encountered was a woman who put up a photo of herself that had to be over 20 years old!  Not good!  So, it was quickly back to the computer and looking some more.  This ability alone, is changing how we approach dating.  And it can make some people really kind of picky.  The Internet is providing Dating Baby Boomers with a gigantic cornucopia of potential dates to pick from.  It's like a human salad bar with over 6 million choices.  Why 6 million?  Well, that's the number of dating services web sites you will find if you Google "dating services."

There's lots of people out there all right, and happiness may be just around the corner.  But along the way the highs and lows of dealing with the opposite sex are all new to the born between 1946 and 1964 crowd.  Boomers are experiencing something quite different from what they did some 30 or more years ago when they began dating.  And some of their stories are fascinating.

For millions of boomers approaching their senior citizen years, they are reexamining their personal needs for a partner, and are they are finding out that the right chemistry is an even a more difficult formula.  In this program we shall explore where we are at in the world of single baby boomers today, as they embark on their new journey to find their soul mate.  Whatever you may have thought about naughty little grandmas and dirty old men who grew up in the hippy 60's, the "trip" they are on today is anything but old and boring.........


And now - the important part.....

If you have an idea, a suggestion, a contribution, know of someone who would be good to interview, or if you would be willing to tell the camera all about your Internet dating adventures, please write to:

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Additional thoughts


Not long ago there was a segment on the TV show, "Blind Date" that featured a 70 year old man and woman.  While the editors made some cheap old person gags like animating an oxygen mask over the guy while he was dancing, they also indicated some of the guys lines were "Master Moves" or something like that.  I thought it was one of their best segments.  The couple was a delight to watch.  Obviously their show is for the younger crowd, but they felt that this old guy and gal would be of interest.  And so, I'm hoping that this documentary will also be of interest to younger people as well as baby boomers.


After seven years of Internet dating I have met dozens of women just once.  Writing a good profile and putting it on the web is easy. But finding someone nice who has no serious issues, or wants some silly things in a relationship is a lot harder.  In the last seven years I have heard some amazing accounts of bad dates (and some good ones) and I think they are fascinating material.  I feel confident that there are millions of dating stories out there worth telling others about.  Why keep all of these marvelous stories a secret?


I'm not sure what this film will have to say, if anything.  A true documentary is exploration, not exploitation or exhortation.  A documentary should not be some slick way to project your agenda or beliefs.  And so, at this point, I don't know what kind of conclusion it will come to.  If there is anything I would like to tell the world through this documentary, it would be simply to be yourself and let yourself have fun dating regardless of your age.


Stay tuned............


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