I am Looking for Men and Women to Interview Who......

I am also looking for a few Internet Dating Site Owners who would like to talk about the Internet dating scene and who could perhaps "plug" their own site.  I'd also like to talk with some Psychologists who deal with older people issues, Marriage Therapists, and maybe a Doctor commenting about the ability of older people having sex, etc.  I'd also love to find a "Dear Abby" type person who is as  wonderful as the Fruit Cake Lady was who appeared on Jay Leno many times.  She has passed now, but she had some wonderful down to earth comments and advice.


What's In It For You?

What's To Be Expected?


Where Will the Documentary Be Seen?

And now - the important part.....

If you have an idea, a suggestion, a contribution, know of someone who would be good to interview, or if you would be willing to tell the camera all about your Internet dating adventures, please write to:  john@dvpostvideo.com.

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