Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm


Hello Taxpayers


Here is your basic bitching about the government song.



Hello taxpayers, how do you like our war?

It sure is great a war

It's like none we've had before.


Our government is likely to spend

the last penny you will earn

and boy does that make us burn!


Our servicemen are likely to end

Their lives in Viet Nam

They've fought, but what have they won?


Sometimes I think that we could share

Our wealth with the nations far abroad

and do so with out war - then I'd applaud.


But our common sense says we should do this

Now but reality is very much deceived

With the fantasy that we all receive.


Now is the time for us to see

How futile a government can be

Especially when it claims to be free.


So hello taxpayers, I've said my say.

So remember when you go and pay your tax

Make sure your government is giving something back.