Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm


Joy & Jubilation


Another unhappy song about the state of our world with extra

sarcasm thrown in.  My final line, which refutes FDR's most

famous line, makes a lot more sense to me, considering that we

now live in a world gone MAD .  (Mutually Assured Destruction)



Now that the war is over and our boys are coming home

Joy and Jubilation - peace in our land has grown!

Something somewhere ended - the last seed has been sown

And now sweet flowers are bended in directions they've not known.


Each war has killed our youth and aged our little boys.

Joy and Jubilation - the shouts, the yells, the noise!

To war and love and glory, we sing of war and joy

But it's tough to tell the story of the mutilated boy.


Each peace has seen an honor - each honor saw a war.

Joy and Jubilation - there's neither anymore!

For somewhere in our battles on the southeast Asian shores

Our memory is shackled by a nonexistent score.


The governments have noticed that they were pretty great.

Joy and Jubilation - they've both got lots of hate!

Something somewhere ended, it had gotten pretty late

They finally shrugged and bended and set a cease fire date.


And now our land is peaceful - the dove of peace is here.

Joy and Jubilation - we'll sing lots of songs of cheer!

For man will live forever - the end will not be near

As long as man will never lose his sense of fear.