Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm


Look At All Them Hurtin' Girls


Going to college was such fun!  This is a silly commentary about how ugly

the guys felt most of the ladies were at Wisconsin State University at Stevens Point.

You gotta remember this was written in the silly 60's OK?



Look at all them hurtin' girls

Why do they look like they do?

Do they expect men to take them out

When they look like sauerkraut?


Look at all them hurtin' girls

Why do they set their hair like that?

Fluffed up and ratted all the time

They look like the bride of Frankenstein!


Look at all them hurtin' dames

There are scuzzies all around.

Some of the girls are certainly weird.

I'm thankful that they can't grow beards!


So look at all then ugly broads

Don't they care 'bout how they look.

Now although there's pretty ones in this group

I've seen some so ugly I could puke.


Although some boys are ugly too

I don't see why the girls don't try

With a little effort they could share (the beauty of)

Some guys I've seen with long blonde hair.