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DV Post has Gone

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Sales Rep

"Pep Talk" Video

for Evian Water Presented Bonuses for Good Sales

Fair Housing Council 60 Second PSA Gives Message of Renter's Rights


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Long Beach Firefighter's Union Produces Video That Helps Remember Past Years

40th Birthday Video Has Best Prepared "One Take" Client

Investment Video Shot in Anaheim











































































DV Post has moved!  We are now in suite number 220 in the same office building.  The leasing office, which shares a common wall with suite number 184, has decided to expand it's own office area to include our space.


Now we have a pretty view of the interior of the office complex with it's trees, rocks, and babbling brook, rather than the parking lot and 4th Street.  There is no elevator, so customers will have to hoof it upstairs.  But as a trade off, we will be much closer to the washrooms.  (The previous news detail has more significance for some than others.)  Our phone number remains unchanged.



The Irvine based Alcone Marketing Group hired DV Post to produce a video from existing VHS material while adding lots of graphics, that was shown to the top distributors of Evian Water.  The high powered 3 minute piece had the most cuts per minute than any other show DV Post has edited.  In addition to the quick cuts, every title moved in and out of the frame and had a moving background.  It took nearly 4 hours to render this project - but it's 4 hours that the client never pays for.



DV Post recently delivered a box of dubs (17 BetaCams, a 1-inch and 3 U-Matics) to the Fair Housing Council of Orange County.  The dubs (bumped up from our  DVCAM master) were then sent to local cable and TV stations.  7 BetaCams of the same spot were also sent to the San Diego Fair Housing Council featuring their logo and phone number.


DV Post produced the PSA which dealt with a lawsuit that the Fair Housing Council took to the Orange County Federal Court. The case was about an apartment owner who instructed his apartment manager not to rent to minorities.  US Representative Loretta Sanchez was videotaped in her Garden Grove office (and did a wonderful job), for the conclusion of the spot.


If you're watching TV during the late hours, when the stations air locally produced spots, you may see it.  I saw the first PSA that DV Post made for the Fair Housing Council in 2000 run on KTLA at 2 AM.



35 people retired from the Long Beach Fire Department in 2001.  This was the largest number of people to retire in a single year.  DV Post recently put together a video that was shown at the annual retirement dinner in 2002, which featured a series of still pictures submitted by each retiree.  Most people included a baby photo as well as pictures of significant events in their career.  Then their formal fire department photo was shown along with their years of service.  Even at only 4 seconds per picture, the video lasted over 13 minutes.  It contained 197 pictures, which were all individually scanned and then "fixed" in Photoshop including cropping, color correction and dust/scratch removal.  Several selections of music from our new Backtraxx Music Library helped convey the mood of fond memories.



A video was made for an individual who wanted to do something special for the 40th birthday party of her close friend.  The project was one of the most well prepared.  Each of the 92 photos were numbered clearly on the back, all the music was on one CD, and there was a written outline with picture numbers and music numbers.  The outline also contained instructions such as making sure a certain photo appeared along with a certain word in the music track.


This was a flat rate project based on $4.00 per photo, with the client having a brief meeting to explain what was wanted.  The client then left DV Post alone to "be creative."  The client returned 2 days later and viewed the finished video.  Other than one title which needed a spelling correction, the video was "perfect!"  The project took more time to plan than to edit, which is always the most cost effective.  As a bonus, clients of still picture videos receive a CD with all the scanned pictures.



A ten minute investment opportunity video was produced by DV Post for the Kerr Company's client, SeniorCare Industries.  The video was shot in the executive conference room at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel.  Our DVC200 camera worked perfectly with the teleprompter that was supplied and operated by Prompt Response.  Thanks to the camera's features, director Cherie Kerr was able to direct the video while watching a color monitor and also see color play back.


DV Post made 24 CD's of the video in house, and had 150 VHS dubs made at Lightning Dubs in Irvine.  In addition, the client placed the video on their web site.