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News from DV Post #2


DV Post completes the V-Button Director Training Course









Click on the V-Button to see DV Post's first V-Button video shoot



DV Post shoots and edits recruitment video for St. Mary Medical Center



DV Post produces Saturday Night Live audition video












A "Large"  Board Member?








On June 4th, John Primm completed the V-Button Director Training Course.  This means that he is certified to shoot V-Button videos for clients of WebcastingTV.  The shoots are normally 2-3 hours each, where a principle of the business is interviewed on camera and B-roll footage of business activities is shot for cutaways.  After the shoot, a digital copy is made and a log sheet is generated.  The tape and log sheet are sent to WebcastingTV who edit the material into a 2-3 minute commercial, and prepare the spot for internet streaming.


In addition to doing the V-Button shooting for WebcastingTV, DV Post is also a V-Button reseller, offering the complete V-Button plan directly to clients.  This means that DV Post would also develop the script and edit the spot.  The encoding and web hosting would still be provided by WebcastingTV.    The major difference in hiring DV Post for the complete V-Button package is that the client is free to hire DV Post to utilize the video footage for other purposes, and that the client can work more closely with the editing of his V-Button spot at DV Post.  The total production cost, and the monthly web hosting fee is the same.



DV Post produced a 4 minute video for St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach, designed to be shown at a job fair for nurses.    John spent about 2 hours at the hospital shooting scenes in a new sub-acute care unit which is in need of additional staffing.  The video contains lots of self-explanatory titles, making the same pitch for working at St. Mary that the recruiters used at the job fair.


The video was "looped" on to a 2 hour VHS without the client ever seeing a rough draft!  Talk about a customer having confidence in his video producer!  Of course the spelling was checked about 5 times before the looped tape was run off.



DV Post recently shot about 2 hours of improvisation routines for Saturday Night Live hopefuls Drake Doremus and Brian Spillane at the Don Cribb Theatre in Santa Ana.  While most of the bits employed just a single camera angle, one scene involved several people and was shot film style.  This was not difficult, except that since it was improv, each take was different, making the editing a bit of a challenge.  Fortunately the actors managed to keep each performance somewhat the same, and the edited scene really looked as though it had been shot once with three cameras.


Drake and Brian can currently be seen in The Orange County Crazies which performs on the last Saturday of most months at the DePietro Performance Center at 809 North Main Street in Santa Ana.  Call (714) 550-9900 for more information.  If you like "Whose Line is it Anyway?" you will love their show.  The price is right ($15) and they are really a great bunch of very talented people.

















John Primm was recently elected "Board Member at large" for the Media Communications Association - International, Orange County Chapter.  This means that he will be forced to volunteer for more stuff and eat dinner once a month with the other board members.  The title sounds like I am a fugitive on the run.  I wonder where that came from?


Speaking of the MCA-I, they now have a new website.  If you go to the links page and click on the MCA-I logo, it will take you there.  This website serves both the Orange County and Los Angeles Chapters.



















































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