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News from DV Post #3


DV Post shoots

more V-Buttons





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DV Post wins 3rd place in 1st Annual Golden Spud Contest


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"Let There Be Spuds"












Spanish videos made for the Fair Housing Council of San Diego








DV Post continues to shoot V-Buttons for WebcastingTV.  Last month's news had a link to Brookshire Dental.  This month there is a link to Positive Concepts and Presentation Folder.  The shoots take a minimum of 4 hours, which normally include an interview and B-roll footage of business activities.  After the shoot, WebcastingTV edits the material into a 2-3 minute commercial, and prepares the spot for internet streaming.


In addition to doing the V-Button shooting for WebcastingTV, DV Post is also a V-Button reseller, offering the same complete V-Button package directly to clients at the same cost.  This means that DV Post would also develop the script and edit the spot.  The encoding and web hosting would still be provided by WebcastingTV.    The two main advantages of hiring DV Post for the complete V-Button package is that the client can utilize the video footage for other purposes at very reasonable rates, and has more control over the post-production of his V-Button spot at DV Post.



DV Post produced a short video called "Let There Be Spuds" for the Media Alliance of Orange County's first video contest.  The contest had no rules, except that the video should be about 1 minute long and feature a potato.  Using the Infini-D 3D animation program, DV Post made a clip about the formation of the world's first potato and it's blessing by God.  Voice over talent, Travis, did a Walter Cronkite impression for the spot and Bill Brown supplied the voice of God.  You can hear more of Travis and Bill on the Voice-Over page Their donated recordings arrived thru e-mail.  Therefore, making of this piece didn't even require leaving the office.  The 1st and 2nd place awards went to live action productions, both of which required location work, and were admittedly funnier.


John also created a second video called, "Bambi, the Potato, Meets Godzilla" which was made in about an hour from some Corel clip art, music and sound effects.  This was given to the contest people in case they needed more things to show, but it was not viewed.  Oh well, now there's one all ready for next year.


The event, held on July 24th at Bistro 201 in Newport Beach, was an absolute  delight.  The Media Alliance signed up about a dozen new members that night.  The Media Alliance web site can be found on our links page.
























































DV Post has completed the production of a 60 second PSA and a 9 minute training video for the Fair Housing Council of San Diego.  Connie Der Torossian of the Fair Housing Council of Orange County wrote the scripts.  The videos inform the viewers of the Fair Housing Laws, the rights of renters, and the obligations of apartment owners.  The scripts were translated into Spanish, and Spanish speaking volunteer actors played the parts of a young couple looking for an apartment, and an apartment manager.  US Representative Loretta Sanchez donated her time to be the on camera spokesperson for both the PSA and the training video.   It is hoped that the PSA and the training video can be used by many other Fair Housing Council offices around the country.


Pictured in the photo, left to right, are, Mary Scott Knoll, director of the Fair Housing Council of San Diego, John Primm of DV Post, US Representative Loretta Sanchez, and Connie Der Torossian of the Fair Housing Council of Orange County.















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