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News from DV Post #4


DV Post produces more CD-ROMS





URS Corporation to keep DV Post busy














Youth Motivation Task Force








DV Post has  been doing quite of bit of CD-ROM work lately, using the MediaMixer authoring software.  One recent job was for California fxMedia of Norwalk and their client, Microsoft.  Eight PowerPoint presentations were incorporated into a single menu page CD-ROM the day before a large seminar was held.  At the seminar the PowerPoints were presented, and the attendees could take home the presentations on the CD-ROM.  Other compression and CD-ROM work has been done for client Safety Source Productions in Garden Grove, taking existing VHS training tapes and making them into CD-ROMs for viewing on a computer.


DV Post has gotten involved with some legal work, involving many hours of surveillance video for client Dan DeWitt of Santa Ana.


We have also produced some talent demos for two members of The Orange County Crazies, an improvisation group in Santa Ana.  The videos were made for the talent scouts of  the TV show, Saturday Night Live.


Pat Hurly is a comedian who speaks at middle schools across the country.  His hilarious comic routines, designed for young teenagers, is the prize when a school sells a certain amount of fund razing items.


A recruitment video was made for Saint Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach.  DV Post shot the 4 minute video in only 2 hours, and edited the tape the next day.  It was used at a job fair for nurses.



DV Post has started to produce a series of project update videos for client URS Corporation of Santa Ana.  The 30 second to 2 minute segments are shot with a small Sony DVCAM camera by the client.  DV Post is editing and compressing the video for use on a web site where a small selected group of people can view the progress of some of the larger  southern California engineering projects that URS is doing.


DV Post is also on tape for the production and editing of several training videos, and the updating of an entire series of Cal-Trans training videos, all of which are being produced through URS.



DV Post has started working on a short video for the Youth Motivation Task Force, a non-profit group of volunteers from various types of businesses who speak to high school students about the importance of staying in school.  A half day of shooting has been completed at Century High School in Santa Ana.  The completed video will be about 8 minutes long, and will tell the story of a high school student who became pregnant and was ready to drop out of school.  The YMTF program changed her life.  She is now going to college.  The video is being produced by Connie Der Torossian of the Fair Housing Council of Orange County.



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