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News from DV Post #5


DV Post Edits HazWaste Video





LBFD Retirement Video














Youth Motivation Task Force








DV Post has completed the post-production for a hazardous waste training video for the Naval Air Facility in El Centro.  The video was produced by the URS Corporation's Environmental Compliance and Air Services Division.  The high production value video was shot on BetaCam and utilized lots of boom and dolly shots.  The BetaCam was transferred to DVCAM and edited in Final Cut Pro.  The video was also segmented and made into MPEG-1 files for use with a PowerPoint training exercise.  The 8 minute video had three and one half hours of raw footage with no log sheets, making the editing quite time consuming, but the finished product was well received.























John has made a rare on-camera appearance as movie critic Roger Ebert!  His name was changed to Roger Hebert.  Brian Spillane player the part of Richard Roper, Richard Roquefort.  The idea was that these two familiar characters would be reviewing porno films, and only talk about the mechanics of the film instead of the sex.  Three G-rated "porno" clips were shown and then reviewed.  The Hebert and Roquefort part was shot on a Saturday in a garage.  The production company called The House of Karl, is made up of four wild and crazy guys including 3 members of the Orange County Crazies.  John used to be in plays in college, and this little production was lots of fun for him.  The hard part was having to ad-lib most of the reviewing.  The shooting was hysterical at times.  They could really make a gem of a out takes reel.



Another 24 people retired from the Long Beach Fire Department in 2002.  DV Post was called upon again to make a video photo montage for the retirement dinner in February.  Retirees who wished to, sent in photos of themselves, many including a baby photo and shots of their younger days for the video.

















DV Post is currently posting a short video for the Youth Motivation Task Force, a non-profit group of volunteers from various types of businesses who speak to high school students about the importance of staying in school.  Ed Arnold of KOCE did the on-camera hosting for it.  It was shot by KOCE's studio people on the set of Real Orange using the studio's equipment.  Ed did it in one take.  John shot all the rest of video on the Panasonic DVC200.  The completed video will be about 8 minutes long, and will tell the story of a high school student who became pregnant and was ready to drop out of school.  The YMTF program changed her life.  She is now going to college.  The video is being produced by Connie Der Torossian of the Fair Housing Council of Orange County.









DV Post has just completed a large CD-ROM project for client Packaging Parts & Systems of Rancho Santa Margarita.  It contained over 70 pages of text, about a dozen each PDF and DOC files and over 20 minutes of video.  The client spent as much time writing it as it took to produce and program the CD.  The CD will be shown at a large meeting and will be given to all the dealers of their shrink wrapping machines.












DV Post recently purchased After Effects.  John Primm's son, Alan, had learned the program at college and taught his Dad how to use it over Christmas break.  Alan had made a really slick short video of the word "Kung Fu" doing Kung Fu as in a Mortal Combat video game for an animation class.  Loading the composition into program was a good way to explore the timeline and effects and learn the program basics.  The program has already been used to animate air and water passing through a hair piece for customer Bill Ennis of Media Magic.  3-D "air" and "water"  objects were created with Infini-D and then animated in After Effects.



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