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News from DV Post #6















DV Post is now branding a little bit better.  We recently ordered a "shingle" from the landlord at our office building.  It wasn't that hard to find us before, but now it's even easier.







John Primm's car is also putting the name of DV Post out before the public with a personalized license plate. Honk if you see him!


Talk about a slow news day!  But the next story is a big one.





DV Post has purchased a dual gigahertz G4 computer along with the Final Cut Pro 3 upgrade and DVD Studio Pro 1.5.  The new Mac has 500 Gigabytes of media storage - or about 40 hours!  The old G3 is still working fine with its 100 Gigabytes and is networked to the G4.


It was only a matter of time before DV Post knew it would need to enter into the DVD authoring market.  The good news for our customers is that we will offer DVD authoring at the same rate as our CD authoring.  Large duplication orders (any more than 10) will be replicated by other service providers.


It is really nice knowing that your edited video will be seen with greater resolution than a VHS copy.  Replication rates are not that much different from VHS dubs, and the DVD itself is a much longer lasting and is a much more stable medium than magnetic tape.


DVD authoring also provides views with motion menus, stills, and interactivity gives you the much of the same capabilities of a PowerPoint presentation - but with vastly superior video playback.


Clients Parsons Corporation, URS Corporation, the Law Offices of Dan DeWit, and The Youth Motivation Task Force have already had DVDs produced by DV Post.



One side benefit of getting the new G4 was that our existing version of Photoshop didn't work on the newer operating system, and so we upgraded to version 7.0  Photoshop is used in conjunction with the DVD Authoring program which allows Photoshop layers to be used in making menu buttons and such.



























































Photoshop 7.0 offers Greater Graphics Capabilities

DV Post Makes Major Upgrade and Now Offers DVD Authoring