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News from DV Post #7



USPS Makes Mechanics Aware of Storm Water Pollution









San Diego Housing Commission Makes "Tips for Tenants" Video Series



DV Post has not updated the news page since May, which is good news, because the reason is that DV Post has been too busy!


If you check out the customers page you will see that the list has grown considerably in the last 12 months.  Much of our growth however, is due mainly to two new clients who began working with DV Post late last year, the URS Corporation and the Parsons Corporation.  Each of these customers has a full-time media person armed with a small DV camera who does the shooting and scripting.  Then they come to DV Post where we do our thing with their script and footage.


One of the most exciting events for DV Post this year was upgrading to a top of the line dual processor Mac G4 with the built-in DVD burner and DVD Studio Pro.  This was highlighted in our last news issue, which you can read by clicking on the top most date at the bottom of this page.  Now being able to author DVD's, a whole new world of thinking about how media can be presented has arrived.  Now, even our personal photo montage videos are being made into DVD's to preserve memories on a much more stable medium.  And some corporate customers are making DVD's which can incorporate a "slide show" instead of making PowerPoint presentations which normally incorporate much lower quality video clips.



A large post production project was recently competed for the Parsons Corporation.  The finished DVD has about 70 minutes of video all about the various aspects of the world's largest unexploded ordnance clean-up project that is currently underway on the Island of Kaho'olawe in Hawaii.  The DVD has a main menu page with 5 videos on it covering such topics as the cultural significance of the islands, how the old unexploded ordnance is being taken care of, the logistics of this huge project where every inch of the 43 square mile island is surveyed for bombs and scrap, how archeologists are preserving historical sites, and how biologists are protecting native plants and animals on the island.  A second menu page has short interviews of all the major project personnel.



Client URS had DV Post do the post-production for a short video for the United States Post Office that was designed for carriers and vehicle maintenance employees to view.  It addresses the various ways that employees can keep pollutants like grease and oil from going down storm drains.  A similar project was produced for Cal-Trans earlier this year.  Now if only the average person would take the same precautions, our local oceans would be a lot cleaner.



DV Post produced a six-part video series called "Tips for Tenants" which is designed to inform renters about fair housing laws, and offer some sound advice.  Topics covered such things as making a good impression, how to fill out a rental application, and how to avoid being asked to move.  The videos consist of on-camera talent Jordan Adams and some dialog between two women talking about the various issues that renters face.  DV Post spent several days in San Diego at numerous locations as well as a half day in Yale Video's studio shooting Jordan in front of a green screen.  The graphics "behind" Jordan were added later.  The video will run in the lobby of the Fair Housing Commission and will be available for check out.










































































































Kaho'olawe Island Ordnance Clean-up Documentary

DV Post has Best Year yet!