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News from DV Post #9

12/29//2004 updated /8/03/2005







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Happy Birthday to Us!


DV Post was 6 years old on  June 15th.  Now having lasted longer than a college education, it seems like we have learned even more about being in business than what a college education teaches you.  Not only has DV Post learned many new software programs besides Final Cut Pro, we have grown professionally due to continued contact with our clients and the professional trade organizations that we are a member of.  Our client list has gone from basically 0 to over 90!  That includes 60 businesses and over 30 individuals.  Thanks to all of you on our customer list.

















































It is said that no news is good news, and so after 8 months without posting a news page, you can rightly assume that DV Post is doing well.  Although income was down in 2004 and again this year due to one of our major customers relocating out of the area, new customers continue to discover the DV Post advantage.  During some slow times we have added some new pages to this website, including several videos to our demos page, and purchased more software.


DV Post recently purchased two portable 200 GB Fire Wire drives which now gives us a total of one terabyte of storage.  DV is roughly 5 minutes of video per gig which means that we can store 5000 minutes, or just over 83 hours.  The portable drives were purchased in preparation for some editing in the field.  The finishing of the programs will be done in our office.


We now have Adobe Illustrator, which is a great compliment to Photoshop and After Effects, Toast Titanium on the Mac which speeds up CD and DVD burning, the full version of Peak, an audio recording program with lots of filters and effects, and something called SwishMax - a simple, but fun, Flash authoring program.


Although updating one's software is not real big news, we have updated all of our perfectly fine major software to the latest versions.  These upgrades are forced upon us by the evil computer/hardware/software (let's make it obsolete tomorrow) industrial complex.  And so now we have the latest versions of Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro.  While Final Cut Pro HD has a few interesting enhancements, it came with some very creative additional programs.  "Live Type" is a pretty cool animated titling program and "Soundtrack" allows one to actually "compose" a music track using the hundreds of included instrumental audio clips and sound effects.


While being forced to upgrade all the time is irritating, I have to admit that the new upgrade of DVD Studio Pro is like having a completely different program, and was well worth it.  DVD Studio Pro 3 offers some big improvements in creating a DVD, such as some nice transitions between any slideshow or menu element and being able to create a pretty sophisticated menu in the program itself without relying on PhotoShop.  Also greatly improved is the creation of sub titles and how chapter makers are handled - plus it adds scripting which allows you to automate a DVD being played instead of a menu looping endlessly, and making a story which allows you actually do a cuts only edit of an exisiting video clip.


DV Post has No News! (almost)

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