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Special Fixed Rate for Photo Montage Videos


DV Post offers a fixed rate for photo montage videos based on the number of pictures.  Our price is $5.00 per photo that we scan and color correct.  Any size photo from wallet size to  8x10 can be scanned.  Larger photos, and pictures that cannot be removed easily from a frame can also be used.  We will take a digital still photo of those.  Our scanning service includes scanning the photo at 200 dots per inch, cropping, color correction, and minor retouching in Photoshop.


If your photos are already in an electronic file format that you can send over the Internet, or supplied on a CD, then the price is only $3.50 per photo.


The price includes simple head and tail titles, simple transitions between each photo and movement on about 25% of the photos.  Music can be supplied by the customer or it can come from our music library. A CD of the original photo scans, as well as the Photoshop files and the smaller jpeg files used in the video timeline is available, for only the cost of the blank CD, or $1.25. 


The price includes one DVD.  Additional DVD are $5.00 each.  Please see our dubbing rates.


Please do not compare our way of doing this with other editing facilities that just place your photo in front of a video camera.  Our method takes much longer to do and is vastly superior in quality.


View one of the sample photo montage videos below.    Both videos are also on the Demos page.



A tribute to a lawyer to be seen by other lawyers  - pictures set to music only.



A tribute to a basketball coach for an award ceremony - pictures cut to a narrated audio track.