Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm


The Emptiness of Love


Another love song for the guitar lesson lady.  This isn't profound at

all and is actually kind of stupid in it's conclusion, but for some reason

I decided to put it on my one and only CD.  I guess I married her simply

because she was the first woman who actually seemed to care about me,

and when I was with her, it was the first time I felt really connected to

someone.  This is obviously a pre-marriage song as I am still in love with

her.   It actually turns out that she was not the love of my life, however.

The last song on the list is about that lady and the mother of my children.



The ocean's spray of salty sea - the bursting of the brine

The sunshine shapes the flower's folds as your hands hold onto mine.

All nature sings - her songs ring out - our love will last through time.

But then the emptiness of love is what is on my mind.


I once thought I a fool to love, there's so much that I lack

For every time I'd look at her, she never would look back.

A small slight glance and then a turn - my dreams would all turn black

The emptiness of love - my heart was drained in one big crack.


Could I now love again so well how I had loved before?

Could I now set my mind to start to feel life full once more?

It's such a task to start anew - to get up from the floor

The emptiness of love I sang from the lover's music score.


And then the tempo rose at once - the grass lost all its dew.

The air was clean and free of tears - there suddenly was you!

At first so careful not to be a fool and later blue

You filled my emptiness of love, and I knew you were true.


A life so young, so pure, so sweet - an ever burning light

A girl, a woman, a Mademoiselle, a symphony in sight!

A form, a soul, a human being - soft creature be my wife.

The emptiness of love I thought was gone out of my life.


The seagull's wings are silky smooth, he glides without a sound.

A waterfall is rushing near, it's mist is flowing down.

The sky surrounds the trees too tan, white billows bounce and bound,

But oh the emptiness of love, when you are not around.