Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm


Throw This Thought Away


OK - now here's a real downer number,  listing all that's wrong

in the world and in the final line acknowledging that no one will

give my thoughts any attention.  Bah-Humbug!



Today the world is set on fire

With war and lust and strong desire

And men and women and rats expire

To be buried in the ground.


Just look around and you will see

How men kill men contemptuously

And preachers say continuously

He's truly a great man.


Men hate the men who walk the Earth

And hate the girls that gave them birth.

Has no one in this world some worth?

Some say that Jesus did.


Can some man try to change the minds

Of fellow men who are out of line?

Are men so stubborn all the time?

Or have they a hidden conscience?


I'd like to think that men are good

And praise the Lord and knock on wood

But have I only misunderstood

Is there any hope?


Hope is all we have I think

It makes us strong while on the brink

Of life and death - the only link

Of this world and the next.




So now I have expressed my fears

Of what I have seen throughout the years

So now go out and drink your beers

And throw this thought away.