Songs About Everything

Written and Sung by John Primm




Told you I'd be back with a song about the girl who wanted guitar lessons.

I guess this proves that I really was crazy about her and that I

was really confident about us getting married.

Ah - the ignorance and the arrogance of youth!

Actually, that's quite a dangerous mix.



You is a little word to say

You is a little girl today

You is, you are, and you will be

You is everything to me.


You smile, you laugh, you say hello

You make my heartbeats come and go

You start my day, you ring my phone

You call me up when I'm alone.


You do "dumb things" and by surprise

You kiss me and gaze in my eyes.

You say "Sweet dreams" to me at night.

You make my heart and soul take flight.




You is a little girl today.

You is you and you shall stay

You will grow and live your life, and

You will some day by my wife.